How A Vegan Food Eating Plan Changed Venus Williams’ Life

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Vegan Diet
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Vegan Diet

When talking to Insider, legendary American tennis player Venus Williams credited a vegan food eating plan for changing her life. Williams has been following a vegan diet for a decade. She first tried it out after receiving her Sjogren’s Syndrome diagnosis. For the uninitiated, Sjogren’s Syndrome is an autoimmune health condition that causes fatigue and joint damage.

Following the diagnosis, it seemed as if Williams’ career was on the verge of a premature end. Then, a vegan way of life allowed the player to deal with the condition with no medication, and keep playing professional tennis.

Venus Williams told Insider magazine that experiencing an autoimmune condition means that things can be slightly challenging and there can be many drugs for you. The tennis star did not wish to be on plenty of drugs.

Therefore, as for Venus Williams, it is a blessing to be capable of controlling her inflammation levels to the maximum level through her diet. Describing the diet as plant-based, the US tennis legend said that it changed her life.

Vegan Sportspeople

Venus Williams speaks for how a diet based on plant food items can fuel a professional sportsperson’s active lifestyle. Other sportspeople approach Williams for tips on reducing meat consumption.

Furthermore, she launched a vegan protein line last year. Regarding the launch, Williams said that she should refuel and offer protein to her muscles soon after exercising, for muscle recovery and maintenance. Therefore, she created the protein brand to fuel the fighter inside a person while being happy about what they put in the body.

Does Venus Williams Consume Vegan Junk Food?

It may be tough to imagine top professional athletes eating junk vegan consumer goods. Therefore, surprisingly, Williams regards herself as a person with a particular interest in junk food despite going raw vegan and advocating for healthful plant-based food after the diagnosis.

Williams told Insider that she has not yet come across non-vegan French fries and that she is no robot. She perhaps meant that she is not a robotic person to simply follow a rigid diet. She feels that one can reward themselves while also having fun eating.

Several other athletes do it, said Williams, while adding that they occasionally ask her in what way to do so. Her simple advice to them is this: Occasionally, you should just consume some pie.