Why We Cannot Say Vegan Diet Plans Are Better For Health

Vegan Diet
Vegan Diet
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Vegan Diet Plans

People choose to follow vegan diets due to several reasons, including health causes. While vegan diet plans tend to be billed as healthier eating patterns, this is not necessarily true in all scenarios. Why is that the case? Keep reading to know the factors contributing to that.

Fewer Veganism Studies

The vegan count in the world is increasing, but it only accounts for a fraction of the global population. To know the health effects of a vegan diet, data from numerous vegans should be collected and monitored over time to notice whether those people develop diseases, unlike carnivores. The two biggest studies that track major health effects like cancer on vegans are the research from EPIC-Oxford and the AHS-2.

Long-term information about vegans is available from only a few pieces of research, which causes tracing how the diet possibly affects health to be tricky. It is trickier, considering that almost every disease affects just a moderate part of the global population. Take breast cancer, for instance; it affects just 48 women out of a possible 100,000 per year internationally.

With no data about vegans, researchers cannot know just how some conditions may affect this group.

Not All Of These Diets Are Made Equal

Every vegan diet does not contain animal derivatives. Anyhow, the form of diet that one individual is on differs from another with regards to what they consume.

For instance, some people’s vegan diets may be high in nutrients, with many fresh veggies and fruits, pulses, beans, seeds, and nuts. There may only be white pasta, margarine bread, and tomato sauce in others’ diets. Those distinctions might affect the quality of diets, which possibly have different effects on future health.

New Vegan Alternatives

Almost all of the presently available research pieces about health and vegan diets are older as compared to plant-based goods. Many of those are new goods, so we lack details about their nutritional quality, the frequency of consumption among vegans, plus what long-term effects they have.

Fortified Food Items, And Supplements

Dieticians recommend supplementing vegan diets with minerals and vitamins, like vitamin B12 and iron, to avoid experiencing nutritional deficiencies. This goal is achievable through fortified food items or a purpose-built capsule.

Fortification possibly varies according to brand or product, plus it changes over time. For instance, calcium is included in some vegan consumer goods, like milk alternatives. Supplements also vary by many factors, including type and brand.

Supplementing the diet with some nutrients possibly reduces the chance of a few nutrient-related issues, like anemia due to iron deficiency. Anyhow, what possible effects that supplementation has on other health aspects are mainly unknown.