Why Do Greta Thunberg Want Us To Be Vegans?

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You may find it unbelievable that the world’s most-famous vegan is perhaps the 17-year-old climate activist, Greta Thunberg. She is the person who may come to your mind when you think of climate change. Knowing animal agriculture’s big carbon footprint, she follows a vegan diet and challenges others to be on the same diet.

Recently, Thunberg said that she stressed that her generation’s refusal to follow it was stealing their future. This was the climate activist’s way of encouraging her father and mother to become a vegan. Her father is following this diet, whereas her mother has almost switched to it. Read on to discover why one of the world’s most famous teenagers wants all of us to be on diets of vegan consumer goods.

Due To Climate Change

It is impractical to be a carnivorous environmental activist. For the above reason, Thunberg is not a carnivore. The meat, dairy, egg and fishing sectors are cruel to many animals, besides indirectly causing harm to the environment.

Animal agriculture accounts for about 18% of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, which is greater than that of all modes of transport. We are not making that up, but the above information is as per the UN’s report ‘Tackling Climate Change Through Livestock’.

As per another UN report, growing animals for human food is among the main factors that contribute to the world’s most serious environment-related issues. The direness of the situation even made the UN demand urgent and never-seen-before changes, to curb the climate change-induced catastrophic damage. Diet is among those many different changes.

Becoming a vegan is likely to lessen our food-induced carbon footprint by as much as 73%, as per the UK-based University of Oxford’s study. The above could bring about a considerable reduction in GHG emissions.

As for the lead author of the study, Joseph Poore, a fully vegan diet may be the main way of reducing your negative impact on the earth. Poore finds it a bigger way as compared to purchasing an electric vehicle or reducing your flight.

Scientists say that every plant-based food item emits lower amounts of greenhouse gases as compared to animal derivatives. Therefore, becoming a vegan is the easiest means to reduce the speed of climate change.

For The Existence Of Wildlife

Taking advantage of animals for meat, eggs, and milk tests the environment and the existence of wildlife to the maximum extent. As per the World Wildlife Fund’s Living Planet Report for 2018, there has been a loss of 60% of the wildlife populations after the1970’s.

The World Wildlife Fund found habitat loss the main reason for the extinction of wild animals. The space to reside for the animals is being used up.  In spite of that, human beings are destroying almost every one of the species-rich places, including South American rainforests. We do this to feed grass to cows, as well as grow soya for cows, sheep, pigs, and chickens.

We use a relatively big part of our planet’s land for factory farming, also known as animal agriculture. The use of farmland around the world could come down by 75% in the event all of us stop consuming dairy products and meat.

To Lessen Water Footprint

The amount of water used for factory farming is shockingly big. Those who consume meat account for the utilization of about 15,000 liters of water daily. Growing one kilogram of raw wheat requires around 1,800 liters of water. On the other hand, you would have to utilize over fivefold water than the above to have one kilo of beef.

Meat manufacturing is not the only thing that wastes water. Producing a liter of cow milk requires around 75% more water as compared to creating soya milk in a quantity identical to the dairy product.

Utilizing water needlessly and to such a worrying degree, damages the planet, but becoming a vegan will positively affect the figures. With a fully plant-based diet, all of us can contribute to around a 60% reduction in our water footprint.

With all of the above factors, one wonders why only Thunberg is a vegan while many others are not.

What Step You Should Take For The Planet And Animals

Becoming a vegan is the best possible measure that you can take for both. Consuming only vegan food items is the easiest way for you to save around 200 animals’ lives per year. Besides, it is also a way of objecting to the cruelty that happens on global factory farms and in slaughterhouses each day. After all, the first month of the year is Veganuary, where you may celebrate veganism. Try celebrating it and see how your body reacts to vegan food. If it responds well, you may go full-time vegan from then onwards like Greta Thunberg.