Tips To Keep Animals Humanely Out Of Your Garden

Vegan Diet
Vegan Diet

Leading a vegan way of life comes with its own challenges. Vegans chose to be that way out of environmental concerns, health reasons or because they identify themselves as advocates of animal welfare in their own ways. Sticking to the rules they have set for themselves is not always easy.

Suppose you have a garden at home where you are growing fruits and vegetables by putting in a lot of effort. The last thing you would want is some animals encroaching and feeding on the fruits and veggies. In this article, we discuss some ways that will help you keep animals out of your garden in humane ways.

Identify The Encroachers

Identifying the animals that are eating up your plants should be the first step in your defensive action plan. Knowing which animals are entering your garden will help you devise effective ways to defend your garden. Understand that there is no point in putting up an 8 foot high fence to keep away deer. Notice the type and level of damage to identify the culprit.

Deer will leave pellet droppings and its hoof prints in the yard and also trample plants. Rabbits eat up most vegetables that are in its reach except potatoes and tomatoes. Squirrels will eat what rabbits don’t.

Install Fencing

Fences can be considered the most humane way to keep animals out of your garden. However, understand that deer may sometimes jump over fences and the rabbit will crawl under. Building a fence that squirrels cannot climb over is not that easy.

Fortify your wooden fence with bird netting on top so that birds and squirrels cannot feast on the fruits and veggies. Make sure that your fence is tall enough to stop the deer from jumping over it. It should also extend a few inches into the ground to protect the garden from burrowing animals.

Use Smarter Ways Of Planting

Surrounding your garden with plants that the animals find distasteful is a smart way to keep them out of your garden. Rabbits, deer and squirrels are repelled by daffodils, deer do not like catmint or coneflowers and rabbits avoid eating onion and most herbs.

Have An Animal Companion

A dog or cat can keep away other animals by just being in the yard. Their smell repels other animals, as they sense danger. This will make the animals choose not to go for the reward of food.

Placing your companion animal’s fur you get after brushing them on the garden entrance or around important plants will set a line of defense against the invaders.

Trying these tips will help you reap success in gardening without having to hurt any animals in the process.